Established in 2015

Eleetus was formed in 2015 by simulation industry veterans including the founders of AboutGolf, a world leader in golf simulation technology. Spurred by a love for speed and a strong pedigree in both software and hardware design, Eleetus saw an opportunity to bring better motion to the consumer.

In 2016, Eleetus acquired Blue Tiger LLC and their “raised fulcrum” patent that makes the Eleetus simulator so special. Starting with racing and flight, Eleetus has continued to expand into the areas of driver education and passive motion entertainment.

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Eleetus Projects

  • Eleetus is working with Torque eSports on advanced designs of affordable racing sims and the proliferation of public sites to access racing simulators.
  • Eleetus has a major contract with the United States Marine Corps producing bespoke flight simulators for the F-35B STOVL stealth aircraft, the MV-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft, and the AH-1Z Viper attack helicopter.
  • Eleetus has produced custom flight simulator designs for museums, including the recently opened Flightworks Alabama STEM Flight Museum in chorus with Airbus.
  • Eleetus is working with multiple organizations prominent in the field of teen driver training on a major endeavor Eleetus refers to as “Teen Driving App-to-Sim”; a comprehensive program designed to save young lives.
  • Eleetus has interfaced wtih the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, a division of the United States Department of Homeland Security, with respect to a next generation design for simulators and sotware content designed to train law enforcement officers.
  • Eleetus has partnered with Scientific Applications International Corporation (SAIC) with respect to government bids for simulation products — Currently in a procurement process with the United States Marine Corps.