Immerse Yourself In The World Of Racing And Flight Simulation In A Way You Never Dreamed Possible 


Eleetus Full Motion Simulators are the cutting edge in entertainment technology while also being the optimal solution for driver and flight training. With unparalleled reliability and service, an Eleetus Motion Simulator turns a small footprint into an impressive expression of the truly high end.

The unique motion technology employed by the Eleetus Motion Simulator differs greatly from a standard motion platform. Our products use patented technology to simulate realistic gravitational forces. In an Eleetus simulator, the user is experiencing a scaled representation of what the real experience would feel like. This realistic reproduction of real world forces, coupled with our cutting edge software and use of high-end controls makes our systems the ideal solution for everything from driver and flight training to simulating the experience of driving an F1 car and everything in between. 

With us, you can experience elite motion simulation in a way you never knew possible.


How we Provide our Customers with the Most Immersive Experience Possible

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A common 2 Degree of Freedom (DOF) motion platform has its pivot point 4-6 inches under the platform. The pivot point for the Eleetus Full Motion Simulator is above the surface of the platform, in front, about even with a person’s belt buckle. In a picture from the side, you can see the raised cone with the pivot point above the platform base. The concept is that center of motion is the center of mass like a bicycle wheel on an axle. The cockpit and rider are balanced left to right, front to back, and top to bottom. This provides for low latency movement and low power requirement since the motors seldom do dead weight lifting. This is the cause of Eleetus Motion Simulators’ increased fidelity and durability over the competition.

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Eleetus mounts high-end FANATEC controls as the standard on all of our racing simulators. These controls provide realistic force feedback based on the selected car, so drivers can feel what it is really like to race with each individual car.



Along with driving the motion platform, Eleetus's eMotion software is also compatible with today's latest racing games and flight simulations to provide the user with endless entertainment and content.

Additionally, our system is completely optimized for VR. Driven by high-end gaming PCs, coupled with our motion compensation software and customized VR motion settings, Eleetus Motion Simulators offer the best virtual reality experience on the market.

An updated list of simulator specs & supported software titles can be found here.


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