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Fanatec ClubSport V2.5 Wheel Base
Fanatec ClubSport BMW M3 GT3 Rim
Fanatec ClubSport V3 Pedals

rFactor 2
Project Cars 2
Assetto Corsa Competizione



PFC Cirrus Yoke and Throttle Quadrant
PFC General Aviation Rudder Pedals
Thrustmaster WARTHOG Stick and Throttle

Microsoft Flight Simulator
X-Plane 10
DCS: World






2.1 Channel Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

Triple 27″ LED monitors for a total resolution of 5760 x 1080 pixels

Telescoping Wheel/Yoke mount with tilt

On the Fly Pedal Adjustment

Custom Built Simulation PC

Sparco R100 or Corbeau FX1


Nearly every simulator we ship is customized in some way. Modifications range from simple paint color changes to full on mount redesigns that match your real life vehicle setup. Below are some examples of custom modifications we have completed:

  •  Relocation of wheel and shifter to match track car

  •  ‘Red Baron’ style decals and fascia for a classic dog fight experience

  • Custom launcher interface for both driving and flight experiences

  • Full simulator redesign to meet USMC mobility requirements including removable casters and folding monitors

  • Addition of various different controls and instruments

  • Creation of race tracks for rFactor that did not previously exist

The Motion Platform

The Eleetus Motion Platform is the foundation for all of our motion simulation products. Our motion platform blurs the line between professional and consumer. Boasting a huge range of motion and a near indestructible design, the Eleetus Motion Platform is ready for the long haul.

Motion Platform Specifications:

  • Powder coated steel provides a long lasting and commercially viable structure

  • Twin 1/4hp Custom Designed Electric Motors effortlessly move the simulator through a class leading 40 degrees of both pitch and roll.

  • Proprietary Motion Controller Hardware and Software provides the lowest latency experience possible.

eMotion interface

Fully customizable motion.

The Eleetus Simulator is designed to accurately relay the relative G forces for all vehicles and aircraft. Part of what makes this possible is our proprietary motion interface. This is where the enthusiasts can fine tune the motion for any specific vehicle or aircraft to suite their training purposes.

Not sure where to start with motion tuning?

Don’t worry! Even with our standard settings, every car and plane will produce a unique motion experience representative of the vehicles real life G forces.

Motion tuning can be used to optimize the experience for any user. For those prone to motion sickness, the relative G forces can be reduced to almost zero. Seasoned drivers can raise the relative G forces to more closely match the sensations of their actual vehicle.

Save custom profiles.

The eMotion interface allows you to create infinite custom profiles for a variety of applications. These profiles can reflect specific vehicles setups and classes, as well as multiple skill levels and personal preferences.

The Technology

Fictitious Forces: The forces of gravity

When a vehicle (including an aircraft) accelerates or decelerates, you experience a sensation of being pushed back into your seat (acceleration) or pushed forward (deceleration). If a vehicle corners or banks noticeably, one experiences a sensation of being pushed sideways. These sensations are a result of gravitational (G) forces, sometimes referred to as fictitious forces.

Our patented motion platform design works in exactly the same manner. Accelerate forwards, and the simulator will tilt backwards, causing the same sensation of pressure on your back as in a moving vehicle. Turn left, and the simulator will tilt to the right, causing a sensation of pressure on your right side, just as you would experience in an actual car.

The advantage of mounted monitors

In non-VR applications, the monitors on our simulators are mounted to the motion platform. Why?

  • The majority of movement from our patented Eleetus motion platform exists to emulate gravitational (G) forces. We accomplish this by tilting the simulator in different directions.

  • This ‘dynamic’ motion does not relate to the physical position of the vehicle or aircraft relative to level ground. Thus to realistically emulate G forces, the monitors need to move with you in order to keep the line of sight steady.

  • If the vehicle or aircraft’s physical position relative to level ground is changing, the image on the screen will tilt to consistently match the given angle of the vehicle or aircraft.

The Patented raised fulcrum design

With the fulcrum of the motion platform placed in front of the rider, the pivot point can be raised as seen in the conical structure above. This moves the rider not only in the rotational plane of pitch and roll, but also in all three translational planes. Simulating more degrees of freedom produces a higher level of fidelity.

The most significant advantage of the Eleetus Motion Platform is the patented raised and centered fulcrum technology. Unlike most systems that have the pivot point (fulcrum) placed under the user, our platform has a raised fulcrum that sits level with the users waist.

  •  Eleetus simulators use electric motors and a unique pivot point in order to produce our unique motion characteristics.

  • This patented technology produces realistic motion in a system that is engineered to last indefinitely.

  • The positioning of the fulcrum removes almost all of the load from the motors allowing for far greater durability and a more instantaneous reaction creating a more realistic experience.