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The Reality of Teen Driving

According to a motor vehicle safety report by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for U.S. teens. Lack of driving experience, and not being able to recognize hazardous situations are two factors that put teen drivers at risk.***

Partnership With the BMW Foundation

Over the past two years, Eleetus has been working with the BMW Foundation and their Street Survival program to develop a new simulation curriculum that simulates these hazardous situations. The program uses software modules developed by researchers at the University of Iowa and replicates hazardous situations that would be too dangerous for teens to actually replicate and practice on the road. Through the use of these modules, combined with our full-motion simulators, we are able to accurately simulate the environment created by dangerous situations, and give teens the ability to practice what they’ve not been able to practice before.

Simulation Saves

It is one thing to expect the teens to react to the hazards thrown their way when sitting in front of a computer monitor, but it becomes an entirely different situation when you factor in the high levels of adrenaline that often occur in times of danger. For simulation to be successful, the subject needs to be exposed to a simulated environment that creates an all-encompassing, convincing experience that offers as close an approximation to the real event as possible. This is simply not possible without full-motion driving simulation. The gravitational forces acting upon a body have a major impact on the brain and how teens react behind the wheel. Providing teens with such a way to practice these dangerous situations has the potential to improve their reaction and give them “more experience behind the wheel.”

It is the hope and intention of all involved that the expansion of this project leads to saving more lives on our roads.

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