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The Fidelity Factor: Part 1

At Eleetus, realism is something we take very seriously. Whether you are conducting driver training, or simply just pretending to be a race car driver or pilot, you should demand fidelity. Realism is of utmost importance to our customers so it is to us as well.

Fidelity in our sims is so important because people want to be assured that what they are experiencing is as close to the real thing as possible; not something fake or ‘arcady.’ This is obvious in a scenario where lives are on the line, like training a police officer or teaching novice drivers before they actually get on the road. It is also clear in a situation where a novice is learning how to race cars around a track or someone is trying to learn a track for an upcoming race. In both situations, the user needs a simulator to act in a way that replicates the real experience in order to be successful when they actually get on the road.

As for using the simulator recreationally, the user may start on a setting that is a bit easier, but eventually once they master easier settings, they will want to bump up the difficulty until what they are experiencing is just like the real thing. Just like in any video game you play, a racing simulator should draw you in by being challenging (along with being fun of course!). If the game is too easy, you won’t want to play because what is the point of wasting your time doing something if you can’t get any better at it or compete with your friends to see who has the superior skills? The same concept applies to using a racing or flight simulator. Eventually you are going to want to be competitive at the highest degree of difficulty which, in our case, is the real thing.

We understand that people using a simulator want to feel like they are experiencing something that they otherwise couldn’t. How else are you going to experience the sensation of flying a World War II fighter plane around Normandy, or driving a priceless classic Ferrari around Monaco? You want to be enveloped in the sensations of your surroundings and feel like you are actually there. Being able to partake in escapades such as these would otherwise be impossible, but with the help of Eleetus’s patented technology, experiences such as these can become a reality!

In the next few blog posts we will be discussing what exactly makes Eleetus simulators feel so realistic and gives them the ‘Fidelity Factor’.


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