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The ELEETUS Advantage

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Part 1: Patented Motion Technology

One of the biggest advantages to Eleetus Motion Simulators is our patented technology. Eleetus Motion Simulators use electric motors and a unique pivot point in order to produce our unique motion characteristics. This patented technology produces realistic motion in a system that is engineered to last indefinitely. The load stays almost completely off of the motors due to the way they interact with the pivot point. This allows for far greater durability, and a more instantaneous reaction from the motors, which creates a more realistic experience.

While technically a two degree of freedom (DOF) system, users actually get a 5 DOF motion experience with the Eleetus Motion Simulator. The 2 DOF that make up the majority of the experience are the 40 degrees of pitch and roll. However, due to the unique patented geometry of the Eleetus Motion Simulator, users also experience the translational forces of heave (20 inches), surge (16 inches), and sway (16 inches).

With the fulcrum of the motion platform placed in front of the rider, the pivot point can be raised and conical as seen in the figure below. This moves the rider not only in the rotational plane of pitch and roll, but also in all three translational planes. Simulating more degrees of freedom produces a higher level of fidelity, as our motion platform has more ways to react to different motion inputs from the racing or flight software.

Our patented motion technology has allowed us to revolutionize the motion simulation industry. With a more realistic experience, Eleetus Motion Simulators offers not only exceptional entertainment, but an advanced learning experience when used in an educational setting.


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