Incorporate our Advanced Motion Technology into your own unique project

Besides racing and flight, the Eleetus Full Motion Simulator can be specced to be used with your own unique software. Whether it be for racing or flight instruction, or a virtual reality theme ride, the Eleetus Simulator can be customized to meet your needs.

The unique technology employed by the Eleetus Full Motion Simulator differs greatly from a standard motion platform. Our products use patented technology to simulate realistic gravitational forces. In an Eleetus Simulator, the user is experiencing a scaled representation of how the real experience would feel.


Eleetus Full Motion Simulators use a fulcrum system along with servo motors to simulate motion on five planes. While technically a two DOF (degrees of freedom) system, the design of the Eleetus Simulator allows the user to experience Pitch, Roll, Surge, Sway, and Heave.​

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