Bring the Thrill of the Track Indoors

The Eleetus Full Motion Racing Simulator uses gravity to simulate the forces of acceleration, braking, and centrifugal force. The platform tips back to simulate acceleration, forward for braking, and left or right for centrifugal force precisely matched to video, audio, vibration, and other cues.


For racing in particular, it is important for the driver to be able to feel centrifugal force progressively increase, reach a peak, and then progressively decrease as the car sweeps through a turn. It is also important that the force felt by the driver is instantaneous, consistent, proportionate, and accurately correlated with cornering, acceleration, and braking dynamics. Strongly correlated proportional movement and feedback are of prime importance, but Eleetus Full Motion Racing Simulators also provide “impulse style” engine vibration, road texture, and abrupt changes in direction cues, to further perfect the simulation. All of these sensations contribute to the accuracy of the simulation and enhance immersion.

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