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 Realistic Motion, Extreme Fun, and Solid Craftsmanship"





“You can feel the gravitational forces on the turns and when you accelerate and brake.  It's awesome!” ...TB


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The Eleetus simulator is #1 in realistic motion. 

As a racer, you feel the dynamic acceleration and the centrifugal force as you throttle through the high-banked oval at 175 mph.

Pilots feel the pitch and roll ripping through the sky and every flight motion including pitch, yaw, surge, roll, sway and heave.

No other sim in the marketplace has screens that move with the seat, simulates real g-forces, and delivers up to 40 degrees of movement in every direction.

All that said, just let us know if you have some ideas to make this simulator one-of-a-kind.

What's on your wishlist?

  • The real steering wheel of your favorite car!
  • A custom shifter knob!
  • The name of your ‘racing team’ on the back of our Corbeau FX1 fiberglass seat, or embroidered on the back of your own custom seat!
  • Delivery and installation on your mega yacht (7’ x 7’ footprint)!


Time to Get Dirty in iRacing!

Wednesday marked the release of the long awaited partnership between World of Outlaws and iRacing to bring you dirt racing in iRacing!


Eleetus: Adventure on the Starship PEDMAS

Systemic 21 recently launched a Kickstarter for a new educational flight simulator which uses the Eleetus platform.


Project CARS 2 Announced!

In case you haven’t already heard, on February 8th, Slightly Mad Studios made us its happiest valentines with the announcement of Project Cars 2 to be…

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Who is Wilson? Wilson is the head of R&D and brains behind our amazing simulator system. We feel there is no better person to discuss our new developments, games and overall enhancements. So every week or two Wilson will inject his knowledge into one little corner of our website.


Improve Your Sim Racing Experience with Vehicle Tuning 

Vehicle tuning is an important part of all racing. Most competitive racing series have class restrictions that ensure equal powertrain performance. This means that every fraction of a second gained from tuning various other vehicle characteristics could be the difference between first and second place.