"Discover the excitement of head to head
competition with the Eleetus Race Room!"


Eleetus Race Rooms

  • Scalable: The Eleetus Race Room program uses either two or four sims linked together that are then able to directly race each other.
  • Addictive: The head to head competition not only provides hours upon hours of entertaining fun as the various players race each other, but is fun to just watch them go at each other.
  • Contagious: The spectacle of four sims together with everyone racing each other also generates fans that want to watch the action. 
  • Simple: The proprietary Eleetus software program along with the most realistic racing sim on the market makes the "race room" an easy to install and operate system.
  • Adaptable: Great venues for the "race room" are: university student centers, amusement centers, race tracks, entertainment based bars and restaurants, indoor golf centers, etc.

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Racing Pedals with Clutch gas and Brakes used for controlling racecars in the simulator.
Racing Pedals
Corbeau Racing seat and harness to keep people locked in place during the racing expereince
Racing Set
Streering wheel and shifter used to controll the car around the track
Shifter and Wheel


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Improve Your Sim Racing Experience with Vehicle Tuning 

Vehicle tuning is an important part of all racing. Most competitive racing series have class restrictions that ensure equal powertrain performance. This means that every fraction of a second gained from tuning various other vehicle characteristics could be the difference between first and second place.