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Ottawa Lake, MI (February 26, 2016) - M1 Concourse announced today that it has entered into a strategic alliance with Eleetus Simulators of Ottawa Lake, Michigan and Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario. Eleetus is the leading manufacturer of motion based racing simulators that provide virtual immersive driving experiences on a wide variety of race tracks throughout the world.

The Eleetus simulator delivers a superior end-user experience due its robust construction, its range of motion, and by moving the screens and controls along with the platform. The platform provides two independent degrees of freedom: roll and pitch. However, the design creates the experience of five degrees of freedom for the user. The rotation point of the platform allows for the lateral, longitudinal, and vertical acceleration of the user as the platform rotates. By moving the screens and controls along with the platform, and with visual cues on the screens, the user is immersed in a virtual environment and their brain integrates the visual cues and platform motion into the experience of five degrees of freedom. The  Eleetus Simulator is the brainchild of Bill Bales, the former Founder and CEO of About Golf, the leading provider of golf simulators worldwide.  

"We are excited to partner with Eleetus on showcasing their state-of-the-art simulators at M1 Concourse and offering them to our Private Garage owners," said Brad Oleshansky, the Founder and CEO of M1 Concourse. "Having now sold more than 120 garages, we are now working on seeking out the best products and services to complement our development.  Many of our owners are outfitting their garages with a variety of entertainment features and motion simulators are a natural fit for this audience."  

The M1 Concourse edition simulator will have special features available only to owners of Private Garages at M1 Concourse.  Eleetus is working on creating a custom rendering of the 1.5 mile M1 Performance Track so that owners can perfect their driving skills in the privacy of their garages throughout the year.

Eleetus simulators will be a prominent part of M1 Concourse's presence at various events leading up to its grand opening this summer. This started with having an Eleetus simulator as part of the M1 Concourse display at exclusive Gallery at MGM which preceded the North American International Auto Show in early January.  Next up is Autorama at Cobo Hall February 26-28 in Detroit, MI where two Eleetus simulators will be available for attendees to experience within M1 Concourse's large display.  

"We are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with M1 Concourse as we launch our line of motion simulators.  Not only because we are also a Michigan based business, but M1 is building a world class motorsports facility right in our backyard and their audience of Private Garage owners fits squarely in our target audience," said Bill Bales, CEO of Eleetus. He continued, "We also feel that M1 Concourse will be the perfect venue to promote our simulators to the broader general public as they participate in car shows, driving schools and other onsite events."

About Eleetus Simulators

Eleetus Simulators is based in Ottawa Lake, Michigan. Eleetus is moving the world of gaming into motion platform enhanced play, as well as motion-based entertainment and education.The Eleetus Simulator has commenced distribution in the United States and Canada. For more information on Eleetus Simulators please click here.

About M1 Concourse

M1 Concourse will be both a private club and public destination designed to leverage the passion of the largest concentration of car enthusiasts in the world. The community of Private Garages will accommodate more than 1,000 classic cars set along a 1.5-mile performance track. A large portion of the project is open to the public, where people can enjoy restaurants, a walkable village of auto-focused businesses and year-round programming, including car shows, concerts, product demonstrations and more. The idea for M1 Concourse grew directly and organically from the needs of the local auto enthusiast community. Complete details can be found at


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