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Ottawa Lake, MI -- Eleetus, producers of premium racing and flight simulators, has been awarded a $24,950 contract to provide a 2-axis motion F-35B Joint Strike Fighter flight simulator in support of the 4th Marine Corps District, Marine Corps Flight Orientation Program. Eleetus specializes in multi-dimensional motion based gaming and flight simulation. The Simulator delivers a flight simulation that brings new levels to the market for aviation simulators. The system includes a seat with forty degrees of pitch and roll, surround sound, and a three monitor display. 

The contract specified the delivery of a full motion flight simulator with the capacity to mimic military aircraft as its new means for aviation officer recruiting, and was signed into agreement on September 24, 2015.  For the Fiscal year of 2015 operations and maintenance funds from 4MCD were used for this competitively awarded contract. The contracting activity is the 4MCD district headquarters based out of the Defense Distribution Center Susquehanna, Pennsylvania.

Greg Lumsden, Chairman and Co-founder of Eleetus is excited to be teaming up with the US Marines to enhance their pilot recruitment

process. "Eleetus is extremely excited to team up with a branch of our armed forces to assist their efforts. Not only does our flight simulator have amazing motion that closely reflects the flight of many aircrafts, it is also durable and can be easily transported from location to location. We look forward to a strong future supporting the Marine Corps!" said Lumsden. The US Marine Corps has contracted with Eleetus to create an alternative process for recruiting prospective aviation officers. 

About Eleetus

Eleetus Simulators is based in Ottawa Lake, Michigan. Eleetus is moving the world of gaming into motion platform enhanced play, as well as motion-based entertainment and education.


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