What exactly is a motion simulator?

What does it do or what is it supposed to do?

Well, the definitions across most all references basically say a “simulator is a device that allows the user to operate a similar set of controls designed to provide a realistic experience to a particular vehicle (ie. car, airplane, etc). A device or machine that enables the user to reproduce the conditions likely to occur in the real world.” So, a really good simulator has the motion that is most like what you feel and experience when racing a car or flying a plane. It’s the motion that is the key for a simulator to be a really good simulator.

The Elletus Motion PlatformReasons For Motion Simulation

While some purchase a simulator for an occupational reason, most purchase one because it is so much fun—to be racing around a famous track in an unbelievably amazing race car is a total blast! To have the chance to fly a plane like a true jet pilot is breathtakingly fun! But to get the most fun, you want it to be realistic. And once you have experienced a simulator with great motion—real motion reflecting the real deal—then there is no going back.

Realistic Motion

The Eleetus Motion Simulator has the most amazing motion in the marketplace. Why? Because we focused on designing “realistic motion” in our sim. No other simulator in this marketplace or anywhere near our price produces the total motion of our simulator. Some competitors only concentrated on “fast vibration.” You clearly shake a lot on their simulator, and it’s fun, but it’s not realistic motion fun like produced on the Eleetus simulator.

Real G-Forces

The tilting of the Eleetus sim creates the true feeling of g-forces in the turns, along with the stopping and accelerating. No other simulator has as much side to side, and forward and rear tilting. Again, Eleetus is focused on “realistic motion physics” to assure real fun.

Screens move ithe motion simulator

Understanding the Physics

No other simulators in this marketplace has the screens move with the seat and the motion. We want you to experience the most realistic visual of the real world of racing and flying, and that cannot be accomplished with static screens. Imagine in the real world that you are driving a race car around a corner at 175 mph or ripping through sky in your plane at 300 mph, the horizon does not sit in one place. Having the screens move with your motion truly captures for you a more realistic and fun experience. The “shake and vibrate” systems in the market certainly give you somewhat of a feel for the real thing, but the Eleetus simulator provides the most realistic experience.

The most fun occurs with a sim that gives you “realistic motion” and Eleetus provides the most complete motion for a simulator in this marketplace—unless you want to spend 2 to 3 times as much).

The Eleetus motion simulator delivers a superior end-user experience due its robust construction, its range of motion, and by moving the screens and controls along with the platform.

Full motion simulatorPitch & Roll

The platform provides two independent degrees of freedom: roll and pitch. However, the design creates the experience of five degrees of freedom for the user. The rotation point of the platform allows for the lateral, longitudinal, and vertical acceleration of the user as the platform rotates. By moving the screens and controls along with the platform, and with visual cues on the screens, the user is immersed in a virtual environment and their brain integrates the visual cues and platform motion into the experience of five degrees of freedom.

Our full motion racing simulators have a full range of ±20 degrees of pitch and roll, which moves the user vertically ±10 inches, and ±8 inches side-to-side and front-to-back. This impressive range of motion is what allows our platform to produce the feeling of sustained g-forces when racing or flying, and create more realistic body forces and chassis movement than other simulators.

Racing Simulation

For racing games, this allows the user to experience acceleration and deceleration, as well as lateral acceleration while cornering. For off road racing, the user gets the feeling of the vehicle's acceleration and roll when going over uneven and rough off road terrain. When going over jumps the user gets the exhilarating feeling of being airborne.

Flight Simulation

For flying games, the sustained g-forces, rotation of the platform, and moving screens and controls create a more realistic motion experience and virtual environment than is possible with other systems. This gives pilots and enthusiasts a more realistic system on which to train and have fun.










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