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ARCA Sim Racing
Showcases racing in the second oldest stock car racing series in the US, Automobile Racing Club of America.

BMW M3 Challenge
Allows you to customize your BMW M3 Coupe and enjoy the powerful sound of the engine at 8,300 rpm on the famous Nürburgring Grand Prix circuit.

Colin McRae: Dirt 
Plays out through 3 modes: Career, Championship, and Rally World, which is a single race set up. 

Colin McRae: DiRT 2 
Features a roster of contemporary off-road events, taking players to the most diverse and challenging real-world environments. 

DiRT 3 
Over 50 rally cars in competitive off-road racing and Gymkhana- style showpiece driving events. 

F1 2010  
Includes the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix, Singapore’s dramatic night race and the all-new Korean circuit. 

F1 2011
The debut of the 2011 Fomula 1 Grand Prix of India at Delhi’s Jaypee International Race Circuit and the iconic Nürburgring. 

F1 2012
Focuses on the FIA Formula One Championship, including the 2012 Formula 1 US Grand Prix at Austin, Texas and Germany’s famous Hockenheim circuit.

F1 2013 

Captures all the cars, circuits and stars from the 2013 FIA Formula One World Championship. 


GRID Autosport   

Includes touring races, GT, muscle cars, drifting, supercars, time attack, and destruction derbies across 22 locations. 



Covers events from racing muscle cars through San Francisco to the legendary 24 hours of Le Mans and drifting around Yokohama.


GT Legends 

Focuses on the golden age of motorsports with over 90 Studios legendary touring cars of the 60s and 70s. 


GTR Evolution

49 cars and 12 classes, spanning GTs and World Touring Cars.


GTR2 – FIA GT Racing Game

Over 100 photo-realistic cars and beautiful circuits with an enhanced Studios driving model that will make your adrenaline rise.


iRacing *Residential and Commercial Use
Online racing in NASCAR, IndyCar, GRAND-AM, Aussie V-8 Supercars, sports cars, and Grand Prix racing. Learn more about our iracing simulator

Live For Speed
A serious racing simulator with no arcade modes or steering aids. You can race online, against AI, or online against other players.

NASCAR Racing 2003
Over 40 real drivers in realistic sim racing with many add-ons available and a replay editor.

Need for Speed: Shift
Nearly 70 licensed cars and over 15 real-world locations like Willow Springs, Laguna Seca and the Nürburgring.

Race 07
he official WTCC game including all cars and tracks, as well as several new support classes and tracks from all over the world.

rFactor 1 & 2 *Residential and Commercial Use
Mixed class road racing with ultra- realistic dynamics, an immersive sound environment, and stunning graphics.

Richard Burns Rally
Considered by most sim racers to be the most realistic rally racing simulators.
Warthog Games

Project Cars
One of the most authentic racing games on the market where you can create your own driver, and has many cars and tracks; it fully immerses you.


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The DiRT series has always been at the forefront of off-road racing games. DiRT 4 looks to continue—and expand on—the legacy created by its predecessors…

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Improve Your Sim Racing Experience with Vehicle Tuning 

Vehicle tuning is an important part of all racing. Most competitive racing series have class restrictions that ensure equal powertrain performance. This means that every fraction of a second gained from tuning various other vehicle characteristics could be the difference between first and second place.