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Eleetus is the cutting edge in motion simulation technology. Our simulator is based on a full motion platform design that generates some of the most realistic relative g-forces on earth, giving the user a completely immersive experience. Whether that experience is in the cockpit of an F-35 Bravo, or a Formula 1 car, the motion of the Eleetus Racing and Flight Simulators provide a fully immersive experience.

Motion is the basis for providing our clients a world class simulation experience. It is impossible to create the illusion of real g-forces and physical sensation without the right types of motion. We have strategically designed our racing simulator to mimic the pitch and roll physics that you would be exposed to inside a real race car.

We think the holy grail of simulation technology is the re-creation of g-forces without the driver being on the racetrack. To accomplish this better than anyone else in the marketplace we have up to 40 degrees of pitch and roll, simulating up to two g’s of gravitational force! This allows your body to shift left or right, forward or backward, all based on the driver's input. If you accelerate your body is slammed back into the seat and braking will cause your weight to shift forward very rapidly. When you're drifting around a corner or easing through a hairpin turn, your physical body, and five senses are ignited to match the visual experience on the screen. No other simulator in the industry does this with the expert precision that the Eleetus can achieve.

Racing is not just a hobby or a sport, for many people in the world it is a lifestyle, and it has a presence in their collective local culture. We obviously have a deep passion for racing, and this translates into our simulator. The competitive nature of racing forces you to strive to be the best, that is our philosophy and credo!

How do we create such a perfect racing experience? We have identified the one thing missing in the current motion simulator marketplace…MOTION. We asked ourselves how we can deliver our drivers the required movement better than anybody else. How can we win that race?

Based on our research we identified the two key features that attribute to our success.
  1. A seamless integration of controls, motion, and experiential feedback.
  2. Fun! Our clients unanimously agree that the Eleetus does a superb job as a simulator, but the fun factor is also through the roof.

Early on in our development, it was clear that our customers wanted a fun and exciting racing simulation, this meant we had to challenge ourselves to deliver the most cutting-edge technology with the fun of a real roller coaster experience.

These two factors intersect and produce a world class racing event, right in the comfort of your home!

As a simulation company, we cannot discount the demand for VR. The Eleetus Simulator is compatible with the Oculus Rift VR headset. This increases the excitement around our already revolutionary design. Image being immersed in the full visual imagery of Laguna Seca and dropping down the corkscrew, or looking to the right and seeing your competition trying to pass, as you down shift and shut them down. As fun as our Simulator is without VR, it is another world and turns this amazing simulator into a Virtual Reality Racing Simulation Machine!

If you are interested in racing, video games or professional application our simulator excels in each one of those areas. You simply cannot find a more realistic and polished experience even from simulators that are much more expensive. We created this for you, and the industry as a whole has responded very positively. Our 6’x6’ footprint allows for easy placement in most any man cave, game room, or commercial venue and the competition is multiplied with networked group racing with games like Iracing, rFactor 2, and Project Cars. Your friends and family can connect with you online via PC or with multiple simulators connected locally and race. With an Eleetus Racing Simulator, anyone can experience the thrill of racing at any time.